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Chancla Attack!

Generations of children the world over, both in-universe and in the real world, know the terror that is a flying slipper to the head. Lance’s PTSD on Page 4-11 is a testament to that!

Sorry this went up a little late. I’ve been working on new art for the site all day as well as dealing with some household errands. But here it is! Things should be moving a bit more optimally come next week.

The Pot is Starting to Boil Over

Page 4-4 is up and I’d be lying if I said this page wasn’t as tense to write as it probably is to read. But then I just tell myself that in those instances the writing is doing its job well. At this point, this issue is our first time seeing her in about 2 or 3 years and Liz is emoting really well. I’m actually pretty thrilled with her reactions to things this issue.

Again, sorry for the late posts this week. I still haven’t quite figured out what’s causing the autoscheduler to not work, but if it means I have to manually push the updates through, then I think there are way worse problems we could be having right about now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, we now have a Facebook page over at Studio Dynapolitan! Yes, I know FB is turning into the boomer social media app, but it’s the only one I’m even remotely good at, so here it is :V

The Pressure Cooker is Starting to Boil

We’re starting to see some tensions flare on Page 4-3 👀

Let’s see where this goes in a week!

You may have also noticed that the last couple of updates have been coming up later than they should. I’m not sure what’s causing the autoscheduler to not do its job, but I’m looking around in the backend to see what I can do to get around it.