It’s a Fairly Large World, After All

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Since the start of Electric Fencer, a few place names have popped up; Salem, Amaerys, Lafrans, Koryo, and Dragomasca to name a few. The world of Electric Fencer is all actually part of a much larger world known as Erdell, and there are many nations within it.

Erdell, a.k.a. the world of Electric Fencer

As our heroes start their adventure, more cities and landmarks will be filled in on the map. We obviously won’t be hitting every country on the map, so stick around to see where we’ll be headed.

Time for a geography lesson. This will be an ongoing series, so we’ll add info for additional parts of the world as needed. There’ll be a blog post on the main page whenever this gets updated.


A continent in the northern hemisphere on the western side of the Erdellian Divide. You’ll probably notice it bears significant resemblance to the real world North America, with a few notable differences. It contains the following nations:

  • Salemian Union
    • Also colloquially known as Salem. Its capital is the Salemian District, and you can see Autunna Falls (where our heroes reside) marked as a major city. It’s one of the younger nations on the world map, but it’s a thriving nation with a familiar culture and friendly ties with most of the countries around it. It currently has a slightly contentious relationship with Amaerys for reasons we’ll get into shortly, but most of that animosity has devolved into passionate sports fans fighting over their respective teams and athletes. The name Salem comes from the ancient Svetlanese phrase sel emani, meaning “people of the east.”
  • Amaerys
    • A nation to the east of Salem. About 3,000 years ago, Salem and Amaerys were one nation, but a civil war broke out with the downtrodden of Salem striking out against the wealthy elite of Amaerys. The Salemians—former Amaerysians—have been allowed to build a future for themselves and have showed no signs of slowing down, but Amaerys remains the crown jewel of Laurentiis for having shaped much of the culture the western hemisphere enjoys.
  • Leonnes
    • Situated just west of Cadenza. Leonnes is a region settled by Cadenzans and Salemians who came together to form a nation over shared cultural and economic interests. It exists to protect the interests of its parent nations in the northern part of Mare Serena.
  • Cadenza
    • A large nation to the north of Salem and Amaerys. Cadenza is a mostly quiet nation that prefers to stay out of international conflicts but will lend a hand to its neighbors in other ways. Further north gets to be inhospitable due to the cold as Cadenza’s northern border approaches Polaria Nord, situated inside the Ring of Bears.
  • Lasker
    • A nation founded by ancestral Russovians who took the grueling journey of crossing the Erdellian Divide and settled in a new land. Laskerians are a hardy bunch and may seem rough to get along with at first but being willing to engage with them at their level goes a long way in making lifelong friends with them.
  • Kamehameha Islands
    • An archipelago situated in the northern part of Mare Serena, on the western side of the Erdellian Divide. It’s been ruled over by the benevolent Kamehameha family line for thousands of years. It’s Laurentiis’s sole tropical getaway, though the Kamehamehans have gotten increasingly irritated with tourist travel for this very reason. It’s made up of five islands: Kugo, Hango, Tengo, Rinkuri, and Shiro.
  • Ferdelance
    • A nation situated largely within the Ring of Bears and its name is basically what happens when you troll travelers into thinking there’s greener pastures elsewhere when you want to keep them out of Leifsland. Ferdelance is sparsely populated for this reason, but the people here are friendly and mostly just vibing.
  • Crescendo
    • Of all the Laurentian nations, Crescendo is the closest to the wall of mountains that is the Erdellian Divide, so it maintains some dominion over them. Crescendans situated at the mountain wall acted as a sort of toll gate for travelers coming from the eastern side of the Divide, and they shared this responsibility with citizens of their sister nation Corgia Velshi, who monitored travelers coming in from the west. Though air travel has minimized the need for this sort of gatekeeping, maritime traditions still exist to this day and thus the watchers on the wall never find themselves out of work.
  • Leifsland
    • Situated in the warmer part of Mare Tempesia, Leifsland is a different kind of paradise all its own. So much so, in fact, that the original settlers wanted to keep the land for themselves and their descendants. In times long past, Leifslanders would direct new settlers coming in from the east to what would eventually come to be known as Ferdelance, by calling it “a verdant land 2,000 miles to the west.” Present day Leifslanders are much more hospitable, thankfully.
  • Richport
    • As its name states, Richport is a wealthy nation among an archipelago of other wealthy nations. Much of the trade with the rest of the continent starts here, and a certain Ramirez family is largely in charge of much of the business done here. Richport shares its border with…
  • Calypso
    • The eastern half of the island it shares with Richport. The hotel and entertainment industry in Calypso is booming with the nation having informed much of the culture in the islands of Mare Tempestia and drawing in thousands of tourists yearly. The locals are more than happy to share their home with their visitors, though being such a small nation, there are a lot of elbows getting thrown these days.
  • Bajamez Islands
    • An archipelago nation east of Calypso and Richport. While The Kamehamehas and Calypso have been getting a little stacked with tourists in recent years, the Bajamezes have gone in the opposite direction and have built a culture around their tourism. It has a relatively small permanent population, but with the boom in tourism, it stays regularly packed and people can be found in all the places doing all the things.

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