The Main Guys

Character Elliott Alexander on a green background
He’s the Electric Fencer. Yes, that’s the pun.
🎂26 Secundi
🔪Giant Sword

The younger of the Alexander twins and the titular Electric Fencer. Elliott is not as diligent as his brother Andrew and tends to be impulsive. Luckily, he’s got friends and family to catch him before he gets into too much trouble. But when the chips are down, Elliott is dependable even if he’s only counting on dumb luck. He is a swordsman in training, and despite carrying around what his Uncle Ronan considers to be a giant horseslaying meat cleaver, he is actually pretty formidable with it. Elliott is a swashbuckling thunderstorm, a veritable force of nature when combined with his electric wizardry.

Character Lee Alexander on an indigo background
Don’t call her Anastasia—you won’t get far with her.
🎂6 Duodecember

Lee is Elliott and Andrew’s younger sister. She is more composed than her elder brothers and shows considerable maturity for her age. She is a skilled water mage specializing in ice magic. In addition to pulling moisture out of the air to make ice, Lee can channel her magic along her magisilver whip, effectively turning it into a water or ice whip. Naturally, she’s good at controlling her magic. She’s not quite as good at tempering her snark—she is a 16-year-old girl, after all. She is her Uncle Ronan’s favorite, most likely because she spends a lot of her free time helping out in his shop.

Character Ronan Garcia on an orange background
Ex-pro fighter, current amateur uncle.
🎂30 Quartius
🔪None, but
can wield
if desired

Ronan is the uncle to the Alexander siblings and since Wayland’s death, he’s become almost more of a father figure to them. Formerly, he was a highly proficient fire mage and dominated the tournament fighting scene. Currently, he’s the shopkeeper of Ronan’s Warriors, a curio shop selling historical weapons and artifacts. He was successful for a time, but fell into a deep depression following Wayland’s demise. He’s gotten by on the residual income from his tourney days, but in the year following Andrew’s disappearance, he spent a considerable amount of money following leads. He’s rough around the edges, but quite clever.

Character Magnus MacDougal on a pink background
Give him ALL the pink things.
🎂12 September

Eccentric pink-loving friend to the Alexanders. The lights don’t all seem to be on upstairs, but he’s loyal nonetheless. Most of Magnus’s friends have suffered hardships, so he takes it upon himself to keep them smiling with his quirky sense of humor. He seems to be adept at using ice magic, like Lee, although it’s unclear to what degree. Probably something goofy like making snow cones for dogs or declaring a private snow day for himself.

Character Renée Pierce on a red background
Brains, beauty, and bucks. Especially bucks.
🎂18 November
🔪Moon Staff

Renée is a friend of the Alexanders, and particularly close with Elliott. She has a big heart and loves spoiling her friends and the community of Autunna Falls whenever she’s a good mood. Her business acumen, leadership, and exuberant personality have earned her many friends, possibly, moreso than her enormous fortunes. However, seemingly infinite money does tend to lead to dark implications and Renée is no exception. Despite being a debutante, she’s a businesswoman who isn’t above playing dirty when she feels she’s not being taken seriously.

He’s a polyglot with a lot on his mind.
🎂26 Secundi

Lance hails from Lafrans by way of the Koryo Islands. Though he mostly keeps to himself, he’s found new friends since settling in Autunna Falls. He’s the voice of reason in among his friend group, but whether Elliott and the others listen to him is another matter entirely. He is fluent in multiple languages—Lafransi, Svetlanese, Asapponian, and his native Koryo-ren—but has yet to find the most eloquent way to confess his affections for Renée. He wields a massive war hammer and practices Koryo-ren shamanism, traditionally practiced by the women in his family, but being an only child, he’s left to carry on his family’s legacy. Lance is his public-facing name, however his birth name is Seong-chang and he shortens it to Seong at home. Being that he’s from the Kuangdalian nations of the East, his name follows the order of Family Name first, Given Name second. When going by Lance, however, his name follows the Western order.

Character Jiro Eaven on a blue background
He took a DNA test—turns out he’s 100% potatoes.
🎂15 Tribius
with minor
skill in
other magics

This cute and cuddly carbuncle child is actually a 119-year-old druid-in-training working in service to the Astral Conservatory under the call sign Zulu. Carbuncles usually have multiple tails and a gem mounted in their foreheads, and as Jiro has only one of the former and zero of the latter, it’s a pretty good indicator that’s he’s still got some growing to do. While most carbuncles living outside of his ancestral home of Ladurana don’t follow their cultural conventions, Jiro is devoted to their practice of nonverbal communication and only vocalizing when absolutely necessary and not just speaking off the cuff. Most of the time, he defaults to pantomime and sign language. Winning him over is as easy as sharing your food with him.

Character Tarragon on a yellow background
Huh…I wonder what her name is?

Tarragon is an agent of the aforementioned Astral Conservatory and has previously worked with Ronan and Wayland. Ronan still blames her for what happened to his brother, but fate has a way of bringing old acquaintances back together, and she has credible information on what’s been happening with Andrew over the past year. She’s astute and expects total control of whatever situation she finds herself in, but she has a gentler, more motherly side that she reserves almost exclusively for Jiro. Tarragon’s name and history are a very tightly guarded secret amongst even the Astral Conservatory elite, but if she deems you worthy, she’ll give you a brief glimpse into her world.

The Other Guys

Andrew Alexander
The older of the Alexander twins. Andrew is relaxed, yet responsible. The yin to Elliott’s yang. He’s usually pretty easygoing until you start testing his patience. Andrew is a lightning mage, one of the most coveted elemental abilities in the world, and due to a chance meeting at Shrine Lyndisfarne, the Silver Legion has taken a special interest in him.

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Alexander
Mother of the Alexander siblings, widow to Wayland. She works long hours as head of research at the hospital. Since her husband’s death, Liz has thrown herself headfirst into her work to keep occupied, which has led to a strained relationship with her children.

Wayland Alexander
Father of the Alexander siblings, husband to Liz, and an archaeology professor with an unending thirst for knowledge and the history of the world. He often went gallivanting around the world with his brother Ronan on wild adventures. Wayland was killed on an expedition to Dragomasca searching for the legendary blade Arcobaleno.

Mervyn “Pop” Garcia
Father of Wayland and Ronan, thus paternal grandfather to the Alexander siblings. Pop, as he’s known, is a jovial old man, proud of his family. He came out of retirement and moved in with Ronan to help with the shop shortly after Wayland’s death. Pop had also just divorced his ex-wife Macy, which may have in part spurred the move.

Marcus Malone
The big guy. Marcus is fiercely loyal to the Alexanders and their greater friend group…though his way of showing it smacks unsavory behaviors and pranks. Originally from the province of New Amstel in Amaerys, Marcus comes off as bold and brash, loud and bombastic, but he’s a funny, sensitive guy who just wants to make friends. One couldn’t be blamed for assuming that Marcus is a goofy jock, but he’s actually a fair bit savvier than Elliott. However, all logic tends to go out the window where Dana is concerned.

The Silver Legion
These hooded soldiers show up at locations where they have special interests. They are numerous and belong to a larger army known as the Silver Legion. They partake in the robbery, kidnapping, the destruction of cultural sites, and then some, so they look more like a terrorist organization from the outside than a military force. Their color denotes their position, rank, and in some cases base of operations, and they have bright silver moon dragon emblems on their hoods.

Verdana “Dana” Fontenot
Friend of the Alexanders, potentially gone rogue. Years prior to the start of the story, Dana left Salem with her family to move to Lafrans. Somewhere in the intervening years, she enlisted in the Silver Legion and became a squad captain for the Lafransi branch of the organization. Naturally, she wasn’t warmly welcomed when she arrived back home on the night of the festival, and though most of her former friends resent what’s become of her, Dana disobeyed company orders to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, the damage is already done and bonds have largely been broken.

Jacob Novak
A friend of Ronan’s and Pop’s and a fellow merchant. Mr. Novak lives in the neighborhood and just does his own thing. No, he didn’t turn your pet cockatiel into a blender. Stop asking.

Distortion Beasts
Creatures created from pure magical energy that live on the other side of the magical leyline that encircles the earth. Whew…that was quite a mouthful. They are incredibly clever and resemble dogs in appearance. Their goal is to help the patron spirits of the world maintain balance, and when they are disturbed, they become aggressive. Distortion beasts exist in a variety of flavors depending on the elemental nature of the area they’re guarding. Pictured here are some of the lightning distortion beasts found at Shrine Lyndisfarne. They are pack…uh…”animals,” which implies the existence of…

Boss Distortion Beasts
Bigger, badder, smarter versions of your standard distortion beast. They are the alphas of their respective distortion beast packs, with the largest often being the size of a house. While the threat level of garden-variety distortion beasts varies, bosses are actively dangerous and can even be deadly if handled irresponsibly. Boss distortion beasts tend to look more like wild animals than the canine forms their lesser counterparts adopt. They, like the rest of their pack, match the elemental makeup of their home turf.

A golem Lance can summon at will through his spiritual connection to the elements. When AK-SEOUL’s totem is placed firmly into the ground, he’ll erupt with the force of a small earthquake and throw hands—or boulders—on Lance’s behalf. Though he’s completely loyal to Lance and obeys his orders without hesitation, Lance sees AK-SEOUL as a friend rather than a tool.

Distortion Pups
Baby distortion beasts that can occasionally be found around sites inhabited by larger distortion beasts. Like their larger counterparts, they match the magical makeup of their environment. Pictured here is a lightning distortion pup. Temperamentally, they are, by far, tamer than adult and boss distortion beasts, but they’re still literally dogs made of raw, wild magic, so they should be approached with great caution.

Lyndisfarne, the Spirit of Lightning
The local god. Lyndisfarne is the Great Osprey residing on the opposite side of the magical veil surrounding Shrine Lyndisfarne. He was enjoying his thousand-year slumber when the distortion beasts went awry. The beasts are tied to his will and Autunna Falls is his domain, so if they were enraged at the Silver Legion’s meddling, you can bet his rage was tenfold. Conversing with him—or other spirits, for that matter—is one of the few reasons Jiro will communicate verbally.

Dr. Mackenzie MacDougal
Magnus’s older sister and Dr. Alexander’s protégé. Mackenzie studied under Liz for many years and has since settled into her role as a research assistant. She takes her work seriously, since a lot of her money seems to go to Magnus’s hospital stays. Judging from her tone whenever his name comes up, she appears to have some past grievances with Ronan.

Park Soon-im
Lance’s maternal grandmother and a Koryo-ren shaman of great repute. Much of her motivation is centered around passing her knowledge and wisdom onto her grandson, so she can be quite the tough customer. She means well, though. As she is from the Kuangdalian nations of the East, her name follows the eastern order.

Park Seo-yeon
Lance’s mother and Soon-im’s daughter and apprentice. She does possess a bit of magic, but not on the level of her mother or even her son. Still, she’s largely unbothered by this and tries with her husband Lorenzo to ensure that Lance has some semblance of a well-adjusted upbringing, even with Soon-im’s heavyhandedness.

Lorenzo Park
Lance’s father, husband to Seo-yeon. He’s half-Koryo-ren, half-Lafransi, and takes more culturally from his Lafransi side so unlike his wife and mother-in-law, his name follows the western order. He’s also a little clueless on Koryo-ren magical traditions. At the very least, he and Seo-yeon do their best to make sure Lance has it better than either of them did. Like Wayland, Lorenzo actually took his wife’s family name upon marriage. In his case, it’s because of the Park clan’s prominence as shamans back in the Koryo Islands.