Electric Fencer is a coming-of-age adventure webcomic starring sibling duo Elliott and Anastasia “Lee” Alexander as they set off on a journey with their Uncle Ronan and friends Lance and Renée. With assistance from Astral Conservatory agents Jiro and Tarragon, they’re searching for their brother Andrew, who’s been kidnapped by the Silver Legion, a corrupt military organization with dark designs on the world at large. It’s a race against time and competing destinies as our heroes unlock their magical powers, face off against menacing monsters and maniacal enemies alike, and uncover the ancient secrets of their world.


Q: When does Electric Fencer update?

A: It updates Wednesdays at 8am when the story is active, though we’re considering changing the update time. It’s currently buffering.

Q: When will the comic return from hiatus?

A: As of this posting, I no longer have a set date. I initially aimed for October 2022, but a lot of real-life things have happened, drastically slowing down production. If you’re excited to see what happens next, please be patient! Since mid-2022, production on Electric Fencer has shifted to being a one-man show, so it’s going to take more time to get back into the swing of things. For the time being, please enjoy the previews and memes on the main page and on Twitter.

Q: Is the comic available on any other platform?

A: As of this posting, Issue 1 and part of Issue 2 are also available on Tapas. We’re currently exploring other options for places to upload the comic.

Q: Can I support you? Would it help get the comic out faster?

A: That depends. Can you pay me a year’s salary? 👀 It might help, sure, but truthfully I haven’t had a subscription thing like Patreon or Ko-Fi on the site in a while since they weren’t getting much traction and I don’t feel right about forcing it onto people who may not necessarily be able or interested in supporting the comic financially. I currently work a day job, but if there’s enough demand for the comic to come out faster, I’ll reinstate the Patreon and if that does well (big IF), I’ll look into doing the comic full time. That would be the dream.

Q: What about merch?

A: There are a few things on RedBubble for sale, but I took the link down due to low traction. Everything is still up and I’ll restore the link with new merch if there’s enough call for it.

Q: What about ads?

A: Absolutely not. Anyone who knows me knows I hate ads on websites these days, especially when they’re super invasive (e.g., covering your screen, loading a loud video in the bottom corner of the screen that won’t close, loading without issue whereas relevant images and text struggle to actually show up) and I refuse to cheapen the experience of Electric Fencer with that. I’ve considered something like ComicAd Network for ads since they’ll be focused on other webcomics, but that would likely just result in an ouroboros kind of thing where ad revenue just goes back into buying more ads rather than money going back into my pocket, potentially resulting in more time working on releasing the comic. As long as I can help it, Electric Fencer will remain ad-free.

Q: Can you come to my local convention?

A: Hell yeah! Shoot us an email at electricfencerteam@gmail.com or have the showrunners for the con you’re interested in do so and we can get a conversation started. The team is currently looking at artist alleys at conventions in 2024.

Q: Are there hard copies of each issue available?

A: As we speak, I am actually looking at a stack of Issue 1 books we sold at previous conventions. I’m working with the rest of the team to determine an appropriate price point for the books to have them sold through our printer for those who’d like to have it in their hands. There are plans to work have Issue 2 printed by our next convention appearance, and if you’ve seen us at cons and bought our copies of Electric Fencer Shorts!, those will be professionally printed in the future as well.

Q: What else are you working on?

A: Mostly commissions, and I recently illustrated a children’s book (though whether I do it again is up in the air given my current schedule). If you’ve seen my social media, I’ve also posted some pilots for a gag-a-day webcomic I’d like to publish. I’ve even already registered the domain.

Q: Are you taking commissions? 👀

A: Yes, just shoot me an email at electricfencerteam@gmail.com or on social media if you can find me, and we’ll talk numbers. No, I am not currently looking to draw other writers’ comics.