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D is for Distortion Beasts

Today on Page 20, we learn about distortion beasts. They look like giant magical eldritch good boys.

Giant magical eldritch good boys.

They’ve also been given their entry on the Characters page, with a bonus entry for Boss Distortion Beasts. We’ll be meeting these guys in proper soon. The characters page also received a slight change to how each character is numbered. Nothing big, but I foresee we may need the hundreds place for the number of characters at some point in the distant future.


Remember those strange green glowy things from page 22 of Issue 1?

They make a return today on page 19 and we get just a little bit more information about them. Page 18 also went up last week.

Issue 2 will be wrapping up soon and we’ve got some announcements of things coming to the site over the next few weeks coming soon. Stay tuned.


Page 17 is up and with it we finally have a name for our mystery woman: it’s Tarragon! She’s been added to the character page in full. Tarragon has also received a site banner, which will cycle with the other banners on the site, so be on the lookout for it as well.

Speaking of character banners, I added a new banner for Elliott, this time based on his design featured on Monday’s Valentines, however, I also added one for Magnus. He hasn’t made many appearances in the comics yet, but based on my discussions with fans of the series, he seems to be a favorite, so here’s a little something of a treat for them as well.

Mystery Woman Revealed

This week’s page, 2-14, finally brings us to the person who sent Jiro to Ronan’s shop. Clearly, she’s the mystery woman who worked with Ronan and Wayland in the past, but just what lies behind those ruby red eyes?

I’ve got another little bit for the Extras section I’m working on. Not sure when I’ll have it up, but I made the image portion of it so next is the writeup. It’s a nice little bit of worldbuilding (quite literal) I’ve been working on for some time now. Stick around to see when it drops.

Snow Day

Sorry for the radio silence on this space the last few weeks. New Year has been pretty stressful, so I haven’t had the mental capacity to really write any formal blog updates for the site. However, the comic has been going up dutifully. Have you been staying on top of your reading? If so, treat yourself to one of these:

Page 11 and Page 12 went up over the last couple of weeks, and we’ve got another one coming on Wednesday. The story’s been moving a little slow right now, but I promise the payoff is worth it. It’s a snow day today, so if you’re behind, now’s a good time to get caught up. As always, if you’ve been with us from the very beginning, thank you for your continued support.

Like A Flash of Lightning

And for the final update of 2021, 2-10, and wow, what a note to end on. The requisite update has been made to Elliott’s bio. If it wasn’t immediately obvious, he’s THE Electric Fencer.

That’s a wrap for 2021, though I’m not sure how much fanfare is needed since we’re rolling right into 2022 with page 11 next week. In any case, if you’ve been with us this far, thank you for your continued readership, and we’ll see you in 2022.


In addition to today’s update, 2-9, we have a new character: Jiro. He’s been added to the character banner rotation. In addition, there’s a new alternate banner for Lee, using her preferred name, so she’s got two now: one as Anastasia, and one as Lee.

There’s also a major development in the story!

We’re down to the last couple of updates for the year. If you’ve been reading with us since we started in September (the real world September, not in-universe September), from all of us at Electric Fencer, you have our deepest thanks. Here’s hoping we get to do even more with Electric Fencer in 2022!