Oodles of Doodles and Dazed for Days

I’ve been out for the summer, but not necessarily on vacation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My day job has been keeping me busy, as well as commissions. I’ve actually been suffering from a slight bit of burnout from these two things, but even worse, I’ve been dealing with creative constipation in the sense that I really want to work on Electric Fencer content that will push the story forward, but I’ve had a ton of other responsibilities that have set me back. Mental health has also taken something of an asswhooping these last few months so all I’ve really wanted to do was sleep or play video games. I got back into World of Warcraft, which has been a lot of fun. If only a soul-sucking timesink could help get comics done…

So while I haven’t been as active in this space the last few months as I’d like, I do have some excellent news: I have an appearance this month at the West Virginia Pop Culture Convention (WVPopCon) from August 27th to the 28th! During our appearance at 3 Rivers Comicon back in early June, the showrunner for WVPopCon approached us and invited us to purchase a booth at the event. We’ll be there with books, stickers, buttons, prints, and the like for sale.

Speaking of books, we’ve begun printing hard copies of Issue 1 to sell at conventions. We’re still figuring out what we’ll do to make them available for sale through the site. Big shout out to the mad lads at Greko Printing and Comix Well Spring for always turning out super high quality prints for us in such a short time and just being super cool about it.

I’ve also been working on doodles and sketches moreso than I ever have in the past, and I’m thinking some of that will be coming forward in Issue 3. I’ve already informed our writer that I’d like to go with a simpler visual style than the ultra detailed shading we had before, and the results I’ve been toying with have been coming out pretty nicely. Have a look:

This means that Issue 3 is going to be restarted to employ the new art style as well as fix some minor inconsistencies brought about by the original way we were going about it. The goal is to still have something out by mid-late October at the absolute latest, but I’ll keep you all posted should things change. With this style, I’m hoping to be able to finish the art for each issue much more quickly than before.

I think that’s about all I have for now, but I hope to be back with more updates before long. See you then!