And then there were three (more characters)

What year is this? 2014?

Pages 12 and 13 are now up and with them come three new characters: Renée, Marcus, and Lance. We’re officially past the halfway point of Issue 1.

I made a few cosmetic changes to the site. Picked a few colors I felt worked better for the branding of the series and modified the menu a little bit.

I’ve also been diligently at work on prep for the 3 Rivers Comicon and will have lots to sell and give away. It’s been an exhausting (but also fun and interesting) process and I’m looking forward to seeing where things go with doing cons and the like. It’s also pretty expensive, and I don’t exactly have Renée’s levels of disposable income, so if you’re enjoying Electric Fencer so far, maybe consider supporting us on Patreon or Ko-Fi, or even buying something from us on RedBubble? It’d be super cool if you did :v

The Long Con(vention)

Pages 8 and 9 are now up, and with them comes a new character: Magnus. He’s silly. Keep an eye on this one.

I finally also made that drop to the Patreon and Ko-Fi pages I promised last week. Things have been really busy on my end with my day job and working on content for the site. I’m still getting used to making consistent updates beyond just shitposting memes on social media, so please bear with me as I get up to speed. If you’re not already a supporter, please consider becoming a subscriber on our $3 tier on either platform. Just $1 helps us out, but $3 also gets you the comic, and if you’re enjoying the main content so far, you’ll enjoy the supplemental materials for sure.

In other news, I’ve booked my first convention appearance! I’ll be at 3 Rivers Comicon Lite in Homestead, PA October 16–17!

I’ll have prints, stickers, buttons, and even comics to sell, so if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, come on over and say hi! We can hang out, talk shop, and I’ll even send you home with some goodies. Be sure to check out the other creators while you’re there as well!

Pages 6 and 7

Today’s update is on a bit of a sad note as you’ll see when you read the pages. Coincidentally, it’s actually raining today. On the bright side, this is where that aforementioned style shift happened, so the backgrounds take on a different look from here on out.

We’ve also got a new character today: Pop. The Characters page has been updated accordingly, as well as with new tidbits for certain characters in the wake of this update’s events.

Don’t forget that if we reach $500/month across both Patreon and Ko-Fi, I’ll go back and update pages 1 through 5 to more closely look like these (and the cover for that matter).

Depending on whether I can get some stuff shuffled around, I should be uploading some content to those two platforms this week if not today, so be on the lookout for an update.

I need sleep. Being awake feels bad, man

Actual footage of me after only a week into launch

Running a webcomic is exhausting business, something I’d completely forgotten about in the several years I haven’t done it.

I’ve done a lot of work since launch both online and off, including adding links to our Patreon, Ko-Fi, Twitter, and RedBubble pages, quite a bit of art for an upcoming announcement, small additions to the cover page for Issue 1 as well as adding it to the page lineup for Issue 1 (I’m really happy with the cover art, so I think it deserves to be seen at full size), and initial work on Issue 3! Yes, believe it or not, we actually have quite a bit of material in the pipeline before we start hurting for content.

If you’re not already a Patreon or Ko-Fi supporter, please consider pledging your support as I’ll be posting some content there very soon, including the very first issue of Electric Fencer Shorts!, which you’ll be able to read in full once it’s up. No drip-feeding of story there. The Shorts! will still feature our heroes, but tell different kinds of stories pertaining to them, whether they’re worldbuilding, character development, or just a really silly joke we wanted to see brought to life. There will be one for every issue and they’re exclusive to Patreon and Ko-Fi supporters, and I hear FOMO really sucks.

Pages 6 and 7 of Issue 1 will be up on Wednesday morning. I’ll see you guys here in a couple of days!

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to Electric Fencer! We’re happy to have you join us on this little journey we’ll be taking with our heroes!

Today is our inaugural update and in celebration, the first five pages of the series will be posted. Admittedly, they’re a little jank compared to the remaining pages, but I promise the rest is worth the wait. That said, we have a Patreon and Ko-Fi set up (see the sidebar to the right) and if we reach $500/month between both of them, I’ll redraw the first 5 pages to bring them in line with the rest of the series stylistically.

That’s it for today. Throughout Issue 1, check back every Wednesday for two new pages as our story unfolds. See you soon!