What is Klein?

Dolla dolla bill, y’all.

Klein is the main form of currency in the world of Electric Fencer. It’s a global currency, which means your Klein spends just as well in Lafrans as it does in Salem. It functions similarly to the yen, in that even just down to the penny, the name’s the same. The currency symbol is ₭.

₭1 is equal to 1¢, and ₭100 is a dollar. It’s a base-10 currency, with new denominations for each tens place. There are five denominations as follows: Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Crystal.

Represented by reddish copper coins. The smaller coin is ₭1 and the larger is ₭5. 10 copper is equal to 1 silver or ₭10.

Represented by silvery blue coins. The ₭10 coin is roughly the same size as a ₭5 coin, and then there’s the larger ₭50 coin. ₭10 is equal to 1 silver, and ₭50 is 5 silver. 10 silver is equal to 1 gold.

From ₭100 onward, the currency becomes paper money, with a corresponding ₭100 and ₭500 bill in the gold tier. If you hold these up to the light, you can see a lustrous yellow shimmer. ₭100 is equal to 1 gold, and ₭500 is 5 gold. 10 gold is equal to 1 platinum.

The ₭1000 and ₭5000 bills have a pearlescent sheen to them on top of their silvery luster. The numbers may seem high, but this is still walking-around money. ₭1000 is 1 platinum, while ₭5000 is 5 platinum. 10 platinum is equal to 1 crystal. Platinum tier is occasionally called “platz.”

These come in ₭10000 and ₭50000 bills. They’re a lush green and made with a layer of paper-thin diamond, so the bills are slightly thicker than most. While ₭10000 bills tend to enjoy being used as gifts or toilet paper for the wealthy (okay, maybe not that last one), ₭50000 bills are primarily used for bank transfers. It’s much more likely to give someone five ₭10000 bills. ₭10000 is 1 crystal, and ₭50000 is 5 crystal. There are no higher denominations than this, so regardless of the number, colloquially it’s all crystal from here.

If you feel that jingle-jangle in your pocket, it’s probably a few copper or silver Klein coins. Be sure not to spend it all in one place. ⚡