The Main Guys

He’s the Electric Fencer. Yes, that’s the pun.
🎂26 Secundi
🔪Giant Sword

The younger of the Alexander twins and the titular Electric Fencer. Elliott is a fun-loving teenager with tendencies toward recklessness, but he’s got a strong circle of friends and family to back him up should he find himself in trouble. He’s currently trying to master the sword, though he tends to prefer them on the large side, much to his uncle Ronan’s neverending bewilderment. Even so, he knows what he’s doing with them, at least well enough to defend himself. Elliott is a lightning mage, among the rarest magic users in the world and his magic is most effective when he imbues his weapons with electricity. Though he’s been able to emit electricity nearly his whole life, he just very recently came into being able to directly manipulate it himself.

Elliott’s greatest strength comes from his love and support for and from his family and friends. Whether he’s their hype man, a believer in their hype, or willing to throw himself in front of danger in service of said hype, he’ll come through for those he loves, with electrifying force. Even just speaking ill of the people in his life is a great way to potentially get electrically filleted.

Don’t call her Anastasia—you won’t get far with her.
🎂6 Duodecember

Lee is Elliott and Andrew’s younger sister. Despite occasional outbursts of emotion, she’s cool, calm, and collected, all attributes befitting of a gifted ice mage. Lee is a diligent worker and her hard work has paid off in the form of singlehandedly putting down multiple distortion beasts as well as a boss distortion beast. She’s tiny, but she certainly packs a punch. Lee’s preferred identity is a huge point of contention—she very strictly insists she be called Lee. Very few people have the permission to call her Anastasia and not even her immediate family members are on that list.

Having personally dealt with her father Wayland’s death and her mother Liz’s absenteeism, Lee almost always carries a dour expression and has little tolerance for the cryptic nature and unreliability of other people. She values honesty, straightforwardness, and respect for her intelligence and will return the favor, even if begrudgingly.

Ex-pro fighter, current amateur uncle.
🎂30 Quartius
🔪None, but
can wield
if desired

Ronan is Elliott, Lee, and Andrew’s uncle. Between tournament prizefighting and archaeology trips with his late brother Wayland, Ronan lived a pretty full life. Nowadays, he runs Ronan’s Warriors, a curio shop dealing in all sorts of historical artifacts and magical curiosities. However, with this new, upcoming adventure, he’s been brought back out of retirement in search of Andrew and he’s bringing his niece, nephew, and all their friends along for the ride, much to his chagrin. At least he has his old man music and band tees to remind him of his glory days. He commands fire and during his prime, he was one of the best to ever do it. He tries his best to pass his knowledge onto his young wards to varying degrees of success.

Ronan might seem like a scruffy scrapper and he does have somewhat of a greasy edge about him, but he’s actually quite intelligent and boasts a lot of worldly wisdom for someone just under 40. He’s more sophisticated and well-kept than his cigarette smoking, alcoholism, and answering the door in his underwear would imply.

Give him ALL the pink things.
🎂12 September

Childhood friend of the Alexanders. He’s a goofball who tries to bring levity to whatever situation he finds himself in, even at the cost of his own safety. Don’t let that fool you, though. He’s quite a competent ice mage himself, not only having felled some distortion beasts, but even straight up adopting a distortion pup. This newly minted dog dad has a ways to go, though, as he’s currently dealing with a broken arm—for the fourth time in six years, as so matter-of-factly stated by Liz. Put some ice on it, kid. You’ll be fine.

Magnus doesn’t look or act like it, but he’s actually the oldest in his friend group and his role in the group is a mashup of the funny friend and the mom friend. His tendency toward humor and empathy comes from knowing most of his friends have had it rough and wanting to keep them laughing. He can certainly read a room better than Ronan gives him credit for. If it wasn’t already apparent, he loves the color pink.

A big brain, a bigger heart, and the biggest wallet.
🎂18 November
🔪Moon Staff

Another childhood friend of the Alexanders, although Renée is rather close to Elliott. Her fondness for him started at a young age and only grew as they got older. Though the Alexander family has only three children, Renée has long since become the honorary fourth Alexander sibling. She stays flush with riches to an obscene extent for a teenager, despite regularly spending it on lavish festivities for the town of Autunna Falls and on business ventures overseas. Her friends are also never left wanting, as she’s more than willing to spend klein on her friends and even pay Ronan’s rent. Renée is the apple of Lance’s eye, though she seems to have a weirdly uncharacteristic lack of awareness about his affections.

For a debutante of her status, Renée is moved by both the compassion shown to her and opportunities show generosity in kind to her friends, loved ones, and even just the people she meets. Still, it’s imperative not to mistake her kindness as an exploitable weakness as she has more than enough money and clout at her disposal to just make her problems stop being problems. Her kindness, intelligence, and resolute nature may be what awoke her dormant magical abilities.

He’s a polyglot with a lot on his mind.
🎂26 Secundi

New-ish friend to the Alexanders. Lance came to Autunna Falls from Lafrans and before that, lived in the Koryo Islands. Being that he was born in Koryo and raised in a Koryo-ren household, his name follows the eastern order of family name first, given name last. His real name is Seong-chang. Lance is just what he goes by with friends. He’s a studious shaman-in-training under his grandmother, Soon-im, and trying to carry on a tradition typically maintained by the women in his family. When not practicing shamanism, he tries to have some semblance of a normal life hanging out with his friends. He’s the voice of reason, but with friends like Elliott, there’s a fat lot of good that does sometimes. Lance speaks four different languages fluently—Lafransi, Svetlanese, Asapponian, and Koryo-ren—but has yet to find an effective way to confess his otherwise very obvious feelings for Renée.

Lance has a very strong relationship with his spirituality, which is how he’s able to summon AK-SEOUL, a golem who bursts forth from the earth when his totem is thrust into the ground. Lance’s spirituality and steadfast nature has given him the calmness of mind to be able to think rationally and be a rock for his friends in even the most trying of situations…just as long as that situation isn’t a flying slipper. Then all bets are off.

Insert food, receive friendship.
🎂15 Tribius
Flora, Light,

This cute and dapper carbuncle child works as an agent for the Astral Conservatory. His call sign is Zulu. As Tarragon’s protégé, Jiro has her utmost trust and will do just about anything for her. He doesn’t look like it, but he’s actually the oldest member of the team at 119 years old—human years anyway; in carbuncle years, he’s closer to being 12 years old. Still, he’s got an extraordinarily long life ahead of him, waiting for his other tails and forehead bauble to come in. Carbuncles are really just built different. He has a human lifespan’s worth of experience at his behest, which has afforded him the opportunity to learn all sorts of different magical abilities and brush up on the culture of his ancestral homeland of Ladurana. He doesn’t normally speak, except in key situations, such as reciting prayers or during emergencies.

For as long as he’s been around, Jiro hasn’t really had anything resembling a normal childhood. In human years, he’s obviously quite old, but imagine the people around you all being born, living full lives, and dying of old age while you’re waiting for your adult teeth to come in. It’s a rough lot. He’s a gifted kid who just wants to make friends his age—developmentally, anyway. Fortunately, a great way to make Jiro your friend for life is to share your snacks with him.

Huh…I wonder what her name is?

Tarragon is a senior agent of the Astral Conservatory and Jiro’s direct supervisor. Her birthdate, age, abilities, and true identity are all very tightly guarded secrets amongst the Astral Conservatory elite. Beyond that, there seems to be even more bubbling just below the surface. There is an air of mystery about her, something to which Ronan can attest as he’s worked with her before. The two are reconnected after she reaches out to him, admittedly for the goal of furthering her fight against Weissdrachen, but with her having intel on Ronan’s nephew Andrew, there’s at least a compelling reason for Tarragon to try and drag her former cohort back into the fold.

Leadership and initiative are two of Tarragon’s strong suits—she’s a senior agent for a reason. Being in as high a place as she is, she needs allies and those are in fairly short supply these days. It takes moving heaven and earth to win her over—or forcing her hand—but if Tarragon has placed her trust in you, you’ll never find a more staunch ally and confidant. Betray this privilege at your own peril, however. She is a woman of multitudes.

The Other Guys

Andrew Alexander
The older of the Alexander twins. Andrew is relaxed, yet responsible. The yin to Elliott’s yang. He’s usually pretty easygoing until you start testing his patience. Andrew is a lightning mage, one of the most coveted elemental abilities in the world, and due to a chance meeting at Shrine Lyndisfarne, the Silver Legion has taken a special interest in him.

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Alexander
Mother of the Alexander siblings, widow to Wayland. She works long hours as head of research at the hospital. Since her husband’s death, Liz has thrown herself headfirst into her work to keep occupied, which has led to a strained relationship with her children.

Wayland Alexander
Father of the Alexander siblings, husband to Liz, and an archaeology professor with an unending thirst for knowledge and the history of the world. He often went gallivanting around the world with his brother Ronan on wild adventures. Wayland was killed on an expedition to Dragomasca searching for the legendary blade Arcobaleno.

Mervyn “Pop” Garcia
Father of Wayland and Ronan, thus paternal grandfather to the Alexander siblings. Pop, as he’s known, is a jovial old man, proud of his family. He came out of retirement and moved in with Ronan to help with the shop shortly after Wayland’s death. Pop had also just divorced his ex-wife Macy, which may have in part spurred the move.

Marcus Malone
The big guy. Marcus is fiercely loyal to the Alexanders and their greater friend group…though his way of showing it smacks unsavory behaviors and pranks. Originally from the province of New Amstel in Amaerys, Marcus comes off as bold and brash, loud and bombastic, but he’s a funny, sensitive guy who just wants to make friends. One couldn’t be blamed for assuming that Marcus is a goofy jock, but he’s actually a fair bit savvier than Elliott. However, all logic tends to go out the window where Dana is concerned.

The Silver Legion
These hooded soldiers show up at locations where they have special interests. They are numerous and belong to a larger army known as the Silver Legion. They partake in the robbery, kidnapping, the destruction of cultural sites, and then some, so they look more like a terrorist organization from the outside than a military force. Their color denotes their position, rank, and in some cases base of operations, and they have bright silver moon dragon emblems on their hoods.

Verdana “Dana” Fontenot
Friend of the Alexanders, potentially gone rogue. Years prior to the start of the story, Dana left Salem with her family to move to Lafrans. Somewhere in the intervening years, she enlisted in the Silver Legion and became a squad captain for the Lafransi branch of the organization. Naturally, she wasn’t warmly welcomed when she arrived back home on the night of the festival, and though most of her former friends resent what’s become of her, Dana disobeyed company orders to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, the damage is already done and bonds have largely been broken.

Jacob Novak
A friend of Ronan’s and Pop’s and a fellow merchant. Mr. Novak lives in the neighborhood and just does his own thing. No, he didn’t turn your pet cockatiel into a blender. Stop asking.

Distortion Beasts
Creatures created from pure magical energy that live on the other side of the magical leyline that encircles the earth. Whew…that was quite a mouthful. They are incredibly clever and resemble dogs in appearance. Their goal is to help the patron spirits of the world maintain balance, and when they are disturbed, they become aggressive. Distortion beasts exist in a variety of flavors depending on the elemental nature of the area they’re guarding. Pictured here are some of the lightning distortion beasts found at Shrine Lyndisfarne. They are pack…uh…”animals,” which implies the existence of…

Boss Distortion Beasts
Bigger, badder, smarter versions of your standard distortion beast. They are the alphas of their respective distortion beast packs, with the largest often being the size of a house. While the threat level of garden-variety distortion beasts varies, bosses are actively dangerous and can even be deadly if handled irresponsibly. Boss distortion beasts tend to look more like wild animals than the canine forms their lesser counterparts adopt. They, like the rest of their pack, match the elemental makeup of their home turf.

A golem Lance can summon at will through his spiritual connection to the elements. When AK-SEOUL’s totem is placed firmly into the ground, he’ll erupt with the force of a small earthquake and throw hands—or boulders—on Lance’s behalf. Though he’s completely loyal to Lance and obeys his orders without hesitation, Lance sees AK-SEOUL as a friend rather than a tool.

Distortion Pups
Baby distortion beasts that can occasionally be found around sites inhabited by larger distortion beasts. Like their larger counterparts, they match the magical makeup of their environment. Pictured here is a lightning distortion pup. Temperamentally, they are, by far, tamer than adult and boss distortion beasts, but they’re still literally dogs made of raw, wild magic, so they should be approached with great caution.

Lyndisfarne, the Spirit of Lightning
The local god. Lyndisfarne is the Great Osprey residing on the opposite side of the magical veil surrounding Shrine Lyndisfarne. He was enjoying his thousand-year slumber when the distortion beasts went awry. The beasts are tied to his will and Autunna Falls is his domain, so if they were enraged at the Silver Legion’s meddling, you can bet his rage was tenfold. Conversing with him—or other spirits, for that matter—is one of the few reasons Jiro will communicate verbally.

Dr. Mackenzie MacDougal
Magnus’s older sister and Dr. Alexander’s protégé. Mackenzie studied under Liz for many years and has since settled into her role as a research assistant. She takes her work seriously, since a lot of her money seems to go to Magnus’s hospital stays. Judging from her tone whenever his name comes up, she appears to have some past grievances with Ronan.

Park Soon-im
Lance’s maternal grandmother and a Koryo-ren shaman of great repute. Much of her motivation is centered around passing her knowledge and wisdom onto her grandson, so she can be quite the tough customer. She means well, though. As she is from the Kuangdalian nations of the East, her name follows the eastern order.

Park Seo-yeon
Lance’s mother and Soon-im’s daughter and apprentice. She does possess a bit of magic, but not on the level of her mother or even her son. Still, she’s largely unbothered by this and tries with her husband Lorenzo to ensure that Lance has some semblance of a well-adjusted upbringing, even with Soon-im’s heavyhandedness.

Lorenzo Park
Lance’s father, husband to Seo-yeon. He’s half-Koryo-ren, half-Lafransi, and takes more culturally from his Lafransi side so unlike his wife and mother-in-law, his name follows the western order. He’s also a little clueless on Koryo-ren magical traditions. At the very least, he and Seo-yeon do their best to make sure Lance has it better than either of them did. Like Wayland, Lorenzo actually took his wife’s family name upon marriage. In his case, it’s because of the Park clan’s prominence as shamans back in the Koryo Islands.