Page 17 is up and with it we finally have a name for our mystery woman: it’s Tarragon! She’s been added to the character page in full. Tarragon has also received a site banner, which will cycle with the other banners on the site, so be on the lookout for it as well.

Speaking of character banners, I added a new banner for Elliott, this time based on his design featured on Monday’s Valentines, however, I also added one for Magnus. He hasn’t made many appearances in the comics yet, but based on my discussions with fans of the series, he seems to be a favorite, so here’s a little something of a treat for them as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Normally I just let today pass right by, but not this year. I made custom Electric Fencer Valentines! Print them out and exchange them with your friends who might like anime-esque art from a weird webcomic with a weird pun for a name.

There’s also a very minor spoiler in here for Wednesday but I don’t think that’ll be too huge of an issue.